08 January 2011

Men of Destiny

We're just a coupla guys, tryin' to get by day by day. But we make the most of it, cuz we do what we can with what we got. And we've got enough to get by well enough, that's for sure.

And so Justin, Isaiah, and I set out in search of our destiny, which for this week was fish. What we ended up doing was searching for water. Not that the water we found didn't hold fish, because I know for a fact that it did. But good ol' Mother Nature had it out for us: Nor'wester Sunday. A freshet of 370 mm Sunday night. Chocolate milk Monday. Improvements by Tuesday, and a few fish caught, but nothing to write home about. And of course, when the stars were looking like they just might align in our favor, crowds on Wednesday. Don't get me wrong, we had some great days; sunny skies, warm temps, not a whisp of wind in the air. It certainly contributed towards our light-hearted disposition, but didn't do much to alleviate the runoff staining the rivers like a cold, delicious breakfast beverage. Being Men of Destiny we did what we could with what we had, which in that case was some sink tips and a handful of big, ugly bugs to try and draw some fish out from the banks. Otherwise, we mostly dicked around. And I will say, we had a pretty good time at it.

And then there were two. Isaiah and I dropped Justin off at the airport at 5:30 this morning to return to Wyoming and his last semester of undergraduate courses. I'm sure it goes without saying that I'm not jealous. Laramie in the winter is a frigid, windy whore. So now it's really just a coupla guys, about to get back out on the road and get serious about this fish catching business. This time west, and perhaps north? Our immediate plans are to go meet up with a doctor my aunt works for in Jackson, Wyoming. He and I were actually supposed to be on the same flight out of LAX to Auckland, but blowing snow tossed a plane off the runway in Jackson and they shut the airport down before he could sneak out. The weather looks nice, and I know there's some damn good water where we're headed, provided it's fishable, of course. But our spirits are high, and more than anything we really wanna tag some fish. We've got that itch. Our heads are in the game. We've got the lolly-gagging out of the way, at least for now. So there's nothing left but to bring it on!

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  1. i seem to recall similar conditions on a few days. heading north eh? perhaps to the grey??

    go get em